• We assist

    ISO and Business Consultants

  • to support your clients

    with Reports, Tools and Services

  • to become and stay

    ISO certified

  • Use Technology

    and run the business paperless

  • Competitive advantage

    Structure to consult to clients

  • Detailed Reports

    to discuss with your clients each month

  • We Upload

    the client's documents on the system for you!

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Challenges you might have experienced

Don't know who is busy with work.

Keeping everyone "Competent" and trained for the existing business processes.

Recurring maintenance sheets and papers that needs to be signed.

Keeping updated with documents clients are currently using.

Having to constantly remind clients to execute document instructions

Internal audits are not scheduled or conducted; leading to product and or service lapses and you have to sort the problem out.

Forced to update documentation yourself to prevent non-conformances.

Non conformances reflects poorly on your service.

You need


Dedicated Consultant

Personalised support from a knowledgeable and experienced ISO Consultant with an extensive background on the benefits and tools of the ISO Solved Solution.

State of the art system

Experience our user friendly system to optimise your backoffice and empower clients to achieve more without constant support.

Save time and effort

Benefit from years of experience in the IT and ISO sector to simplify a tedious process with detailed reports and tools.

Dedicated Training

Determine the optimum training solution to assist clients getting up and running as soon as possible; via workshop or onsite training.

Your own system

The system can be customised to look and feel like your company website to compliment your existing brand.

Expert client experience

WOW your clients by allowing them to experience the latest in Customer Relation Management Technology.

Dedicated or hosted platform

You decide whether to solution as a dedicated system or to keep it on our cloud hosted platform.

Changes to client documentation

Documentation is accessible remotely. Start off by managing the changes to documents yourself and offer it as an additional service to clients once they are comfortable with the dynamic of the ISO system solution.

Activity based documentation

Implement policies and procedures according to job activities and manage non-conformances by means of activity team leaders. This is an optimum solution to enable clients to manage risk.

Never miss client events

Alerts on upcoming client events in documentation ensures keeping to a pre-approved schedule. This is ideal for internal audits and management or performance reviews.

Proof collection

Facilitate the collection of real time activities and events as daily proceedings to aid compliance.

ISO for everybody

Getting and staying ISO Certified requires every employee to comply to the process; making it essential for each user to be logged and tracked according to performance.


Where to start










Employee Problems


Wave of new technology

Without a standard there is no logical basis
for making a decision or taking action.

About us

about us

We know about the challenges you face because:

We owned and managed an internationally accredited company for 8 years.

We issued more than 11 000 certificates a year.

We operated more than 35 auditors with more than 50 appointments a day

We developed and used our extensive IT experience to find solutions to these problems.

Bottom line: our team of experts are waiting to help you effect these user friendly changes to get a step ahead.

There can be no improvements
where there are no standards
Masaaki Imai

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